January 2015 Paideia Coordinators

Student senate appointed three students to the Paideia committee on October 27: Hazel Flores, Shiloh Guten-Gale and Shannon Pearson.

Their chosen email address for this cycle is Paideia2K15@reed.edu and as of early November they are working to have a PDF form for proposals and to post more information to The Quest and official Reed College web pages.

A more explicit schedule with deadlines and other details shall be posted here to ReedPaideia.net as it becomes available.

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Kroger 2014 Strategic Reports Out

Photo of WTF cow pasture.

Reed College is currently engaged in a strategic planning process, initiated by President Kroger and expected to last from 2013-2015. As part of that process different “working groups” have been created, including one to address Paideia and the summer term, Group E:

What role do the summer and winter breaks play in a Reed education? To what extent should we concern ourselves with providing opportunities for students in these periods, and what sort of opportunities should they be? What opportunities do we offer already and how do they relate to the academic program? Should we continue to have a long winter break, and if so, do we need to offer more possibilities to the students during January? Should we offer more opportunities during fall and spring break, whether externships, workshops, or field trips?

The Group E was submitted in January and is available online as a PDF file with an IRIS login. The final report from April is also available online as a PDF with an IRIS login and shall be considered by the faculty, alumni and staff for this fall. The gist of their recommendations is that the 2013 Paideia committee created by Kroger has already begun to improve things and that it should be continued with encouragement to involve “enthusiastic faculty and staff regularly,” “more study- and career-building classes” and possible three-week “remediation during (expanded) Paideia.”

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UPDATED: Reunions 2014 Paideia Schedule

cropped-meli-lewisflickr-cc-by-nc-sa-2-0-lovereedlaurels20111.jpgUpdated 22 May 2014: the schedule for Reunions Paideia, which is only a small portion of the much more extensive and amazingly full reunions schedule at http://reunions.reed.edu/schedule.html. Optional preregistration closed on June 2, so just show up as you are able.

Reunions Paideia Sessions for June 4-8, 2014

  • JSTOR and How To Use It. ETC 211 @ 1:30 Wednesday
  • Reunion as Time Travel and Healing. GCC Rm B @ 1:30 Wednesday
  • Resume & Beyond Reed Tools Bootcamp. ETC 211 @ 3:30 Wednesday
  • Therapeutic Writing. GCC Rm B @ 3:30 Wednesday
  • Learn to Juggle: A Reed Tradition. Sports Center @ 7pm Wedneday
  • Sexual Assault Dynamics at Reed w Gary Granger. GCC Room D @ 9:00 Thursday
  • Writing to Heal. GCC Room C @ 10:30 Thursday
  • Heaven On Earth Now: Simple Prosperity. GCC Room A @ 10:30 Thursday
  • Fauxcheivement 101. GCC Room D @ 10:30 Thursday
  • Death Cafe. GCC Room C @ 1:30 Thursday
  • Reed’s Digital Collections. ETC 211 @ 1:30 Thursday
  • Cartooning 001: An Introduction. GCC Room D @1:30 Thursday
  • Five Wishes End-of-Life Planning. GCC Room C @3:30 Thursday
  • Introduction to WordPress. ETC 211 @ 9:00 Friday
  • Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) Dynamics at Reed. GCC Room D @ 9:00 am Friday
  • Motivation Hacks. GCC Room B @ 9:00 Friday
  • WordPress Next Steps. ETC 211 @ 10:30 Friday.
  • Lost And Found: Writing to Remember. GCC Room B @ 10:30 Friday.
  • Basic Wills. GCC Room C @ 10:30 Friday
  • Food Panel: Land And Sea. PAB 320 @ 10:30 Friday
  • Beelining Workshop. GCC Room A @ 1:30 Friday
  • Graphical Analysis of Free Love at Reed: 1960-1964. GCC D @ 1:30 Friday
  • Food Panel: Writers. PAB 320 @ 1:30 Friday
  • Sustainability on a Chinese Fish Farm, PAB 320 @ 3:00 Friday
  • Canyon Slide Show. GCC Room D @ 9:00 Saturday
  • In Search of the Perfect Loaf. Psych 105 @ 9:00 Saturday
  • Canyon Tour. Cerf Amphitheater @ 10:30 Saturday
  • Food Panel: Restaurants. GCC Rooms BCD @ 10:30 Saturday

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Help Plan Reunions Paideia 2014

Renn Fayre 2011 by Meli-Lewis from Flickr

Photo by Meli-Lewis (Flickr) used by Creative Common License, (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Reedfayre reunions shall take place at Reed College in Portland this coming June 4-8, 2014, including another “reunions paideia.” Reunions Paideia is an opportunity for alumni and other friends of the college to supplement other activities such as alumni college, with short and interesting sessions on topics of interest. The tentative timeline for folks to make suggestions, requests and proposals is as follows. Continue reading

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Strategic Planning Preliminary Reports Out

Photo of WTF cow pasture.

President Kroger initiated a strategic planning process at Reed, which began in 2013. As part of that process, several different groups were identified, including “Group E” to address “January and  Summer Term.”

Preliminary reports from all groups are available via http://reed.edu/strategicplanning/preliminary_reports/index.html (may require IRIS login) and feedback is encouraged.

More information on the composition of strategic-planning working groups is available at http://reed.edu/strategicplanning/working_groups.html

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Paideia 2014 Posted at Commons

Paideia 2014 Posted at Commons

The Paideia 2014 schedule as posted Saturday morning, listing over 250 different sessions scheduled within nine days. If you have an IRIS login, you can view the entire thing at http://www.reed.edu/paideia/index.html or click through to see the “live tweet feed” at http://twitter.com/paideiareed

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January 2014 Paideia Scheduling

Email notifications about proposed Paideia activities were sent to current students just before Thanksgiving and to alumni this evening.  Community Safety and various other offices apparently need to review classes before a preliminary schedule is released, but this should hopefully be out by the end of December.

UPDATE: This year’s Paideia is closed to the general public, with most of the schedule available only via IRIS login through http://www.reed.edu/paideia/

Several alumni apparently did not receive any response to their submissions, and it is unclear if currently unscheduled events shall be allowed under the new system.

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