Reunions Paideia 2014

Something like Reed’s beloved interim for reunions was discussed in 2011, with a panel on past Paideias taking place at reunions 2012 and the first, tentative version of Reunions Paideia June 12-15, 2013. It went well enough that the Reed Alumni Board made a one-year presidential appointment to help formalize the program and encourage greater alumni participation, beginning in September 2013.

The timeline for Reunions Paideia 2014 is:

  1. Valentine’s Day call for requests and proposals, 14 February 2014.
  2. Request sessions at before 15 March
  3. Propose sessions at before 30 March
  4. Tentative schedule goes out in response to proposals around 15 April
  5. Tentative schedule to be posted at by 1 May
  6. Preregistrations  begin at when schedule is up
  7. Preregistration closes on 20 May 2014
  8. Festivities begin as Reedfayre begins, mid-day Wednesday 4 June 2014

Reunions Paideia Committee

There is not yet a formal reunions paideia committee, but point person is Rory Bowman ’90, as appointed to the Reed Alumni Board and part of its Reedfayre (reunions) committee. If you would like to help formalize and embed more alumni participation in this and all future Paideia programs, please contact Rory as

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