January 2015 Paideia

There are currently few official announcements regarding January 2015 Paideia, but Reed’s academic calendar shows dorms opening on Friday January 16 with the first day of classes on Monday, January 26, 2015.

Paideia coordinator applications were due to student senate Sunday, 21 September, in hopes for an appointment by Friday, 26 September 2014.

Student senate appointed three students to the Paideia committee on October 27: Hazel Flores, Shiloh Guten-Gale and Shannon Pearson.

Their chosen email address for this cycle is Paideia2K15@reed.edu and as of early November they are working to have a PDF form for proposals and to post more information to The Quest and official Reed College web pages.

A more explicit schedule with deadlines and other details shall be posted here as available.

3 Responses to January 2015 Paideia

  1. Gavin White says:

    I’m told that the Student Senate has appointed Swede Pearson, Hazel Flores, and Shiloh Guten-Gale as Czars for Paideia 2015.

  2. fmindlin says:

    For the January 2014 event, there was a theme. Is there a theme for 2015?

    • R says:

      To the best of my knowledge there has not been a theme announced for January 2015, and not every Paideia has a theme. If one is announced, though, we’ll list it here and change the article and web header to include whatever graphic they provide, as was done for January 2014.

      I also understand that they are accepting later applications from alumni, in recognition of the short deadline, so please email them directly as Paideia2K15@reed.edu

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