January Paideia, 14-22 January 2017

Reed College Paideia runs for nine days this year, from Saturday 14 January through 22 January.

Most of the schedule at https://www.reed.edu/paideia requires an IRIS login to view.

Reed College Paideia 2017 Events

The three publicly viewable vents are three lectures by Dr Demento at 8pm in Vollum Lecture Hall, Monday through Wednesday

Reed College Paideia 2017 Committee

Questions and comments can be forwarded to the 2017 Paideia Committee members (paideiacommittee@groups.reed.edu)

  • Hadley McCammon ’19, Czar 2k17 | mccammoh@reed.edu
  • Isabel Sullivan ’19, Czar 2k17 | isasulliv@reed.edu
  • Daniel Hong ’17, Czar 2k16 | hongd@reed.edu
  • Kristin Holmberg, Director of Student Activities | holmberk@reed.edu
  • Brittney Corrigan-McElroy ’94, Event Manager, Faculty and Academic Special Events | brittneycm@reed.edu
  • Chris Lydgate ’90, Editor of Reed Magazine | clydgate@reed.edu
  • Irena Swanson ’87, Professor of Mathematics | iswanson@reed.edu
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