Alumni “Beyond Reed” Series at Paideia

The alumni office has put together a nice mix of workshops and industry talks for this coming January Paideia, with details available on their web page well in advance of the other schedule. Offerings are generally divided into hands-on “workshops” and “industry talks” which focus on a particular sector, with input from a variety of alumni.

Listed alphabetically sessions include

  • Industry Talk: Accounting & Finance
  • Industry Talk: Consulting
  • Industry Talk: Creative Industries: Writing, Design, Entertainment
  • Industry Talk: Development, Marketing, & Fundraising
  • Industry Talk: Education
  • Industry Talk: Nonprofits & Public Policy
  • Industry Talk: Small Business Enterpreneurship: Arts, Crafts, and Design
  • Industry Talk: Small Business Entrepreneurship: Food & Drink
  • Industry Talk: Tech: Non-Technical Jobs in the Tech Industry
  • Industry Talk: Tech: Software Engineering
  • Workshop: Career Builder Series #1: How to Discover Your Competitive Advantage
  • Workshop: Career Builder Series #2: How to Present Aptitude and Ambitions – Networking and Interviews
  • Workshop: Career Builder Series #3: How to Target Career Opportunities – Searches, Resumes, and Applications
  • Workshop: Google @ Work
  • Workshop: In the Beginning was the (Microsoft) Word
  • Workshop: Practical Excel Skills for the Generalist
  • Workshop: Understand the Man (or, Decision Making at the Start of Your Career)

For details such as descriptions, dates and times, please visit 

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