UPDATED: Reunions 2014 Paideia Schedule

cropped-meli-lewisflickr-cc-by-nc-sa-2-0-lovereedlaurels20111.jpgUpdated 22 May 2014: the schedule for Reunions Paideia, which is only a small portion of the much more extensive and amazingly full reunions schedule at http://reunions.reed.edu/schedule.html. Optional preregistration closed on June 2, so just show up as you are able.

Reunions Paideia Sessions for June 4-8, 2014

  • JSTOR and How To Use It. ETC 211 @ 1:30 Wednesday
  • Reunion as Time Travel and Healing. GCC Rm B @ 1:30 Wednesday
  • Resume & Beyond Reed Tools Bootcamp. ETC 211 @ 3:30 Wednesday
  • Therapeutic Writing. GCC Rm B @ 3:30 Wednesday
  • Learn to Juggle: A Reed Tradition. Sports Center @ 7pm Wedneday
  • Sexual Assault Dynamics at Reed w Gary Granger. GCC Room D @ 9:00 Thursday
  • Writing to Heal. GCC Room C @ 10:30 Thursday
  • Heaven On Earth Now: Simple Prosperity. GCC Room A @ 10:30 Thursday
  • Fauxcheivement 101. GCC Room D @ 10:30 Thursday
  • Death Cafe. GCC Room C @ 1:30 Thursday
  • Reed’s Digital Collections. ETC 211 @ 1:30 Thursday
  • Cartooning 001: An Introduction. GCC Room D @1:30 Thursday
  • Five Wishes End-of-Life Planning. GCC Room C @3:30 Thursday
  • Introduction to WordPress. ETC 211 @ 9:00 Friday
  • Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) Dynamics at Reed. GCC Room D @ 9:00 am Friday
  • Motivation Hacks. GCC Room B @ 9:00 Friday
  • WordPress Next Steps. ETC 211 @ 10:30 Friday.
  • Lost And Found: Writing to Remember. GCC Room B @ 10:30 Friday.
  • Basic Wills. GCC Room C @ 10:30 Friday
  • Food Panel: Land And Sea. PAB 320 @ 10:30 Friday
  • Beelining Workshop. GCC Room A @ 1:30 Friday
  • Graphical Analysis of Free Love at Reed: 1960-1964. GCC D @ 1:30 Friday
  • Food Panel: Writers. PAB 320 @ 1:30 Friday
  • Sustainability on a Chinese Fish Farm, PAB 320 @ 3:00 Friday
  • Canyon Slide Show. GCC Room D @ 9:00 Saturday
  • In Search of the Perfect Loaf. Psych 105 @ 9:00 Saturday
  • Canyon Tour. Cerf Amphitheater @ 10:30 Saturday
  • Food Panel: Restaurants. GCC Rooms BCD @ 10:30 Saturday

Reunions Paideia Slot A
1:30 pm Wednesday, 4 June 2014

JSTOR and How To Use It. ETC 211, 1:30 Wednesday

Having trouble carrying out research on JSTOR? Find out the login basics and neat things you can do in JSTOR now that the database is open to all alumni. Taught by Annie Downey of the Reed Library in Educational Technology Center (ETC), Room 211 at 1:30 pm on Wednesday, 4 June 2014.

Reunion as Time Travel and Healing. GCC Room B, 1:30 Wednesday

Reed is a hard place to get into, Gary Snyder once said, and can be a hard place to get out of. A gentle discussion on how Reed reunions provide an excellent opportunity to assess and evaluate Reed’s place in our lives, with an eye toward more consciously remembering and processing what is often a charged and ambivalent experience. With Rory Bowman ’90 in Gray College Center (GCC) room B at 1:30 pm on Wednesday, 4 June 2014.

Reunions Paideia Slot B
3:30 pm Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Resume & Beyond Reed Tools Bootcamp. ETC 211, 3:30 Wednesday

Shape up or retool your resume, and learn how to use the job search tools available through the Center for Life Beyond Reed. We’ll talk about Symplicity (the jobs database), the alumni directory, and we’ll drill down into searching for people and opportunities based on the interests of participants (we don’t need to stay focused internally, we can do external searching, too). Presented by Brooke Hunter, assistant director of strategic partnerships in the Beyond Reed Office. Education Technology Center, room 211 at 3:30 pm Wednesday, 4 June 2014.

Therapeutic Writing. GCC Rm B, 3:30 Wednesday

Writing provides an inexpensive, private and personal tool for processing various emotions and life experiences, and reunions provides an excellent space away from established routines to do so. A brief overview of therapeutic writing tools from humanistic psychology for possible use during reunions and after. Presented by Rory Bowman ’90 in Gray Campus Center (GCC) room B at 3:3o pm on Wednesday, 4 June 2014.

Wednesday Evening Activity

Learn to Juggle: A Reed Tradition. Sports Center 7pm Wednesday

Juggling has been a Reed experience since 1979. Come learn to juggle,  learn again, learn a new trick, or have some fun watching other folks. Drop in anytime, equipment is provided, and no experience is necessary. With Stuart Celarier, ’83, Reed College PE juggling instructor, and founder of the Portland Juggling Festival at 7pm on Wednesday evening, 4 June 2014. (Please use the main Sports Center entrance on Botsford Drive.)

Reunions Paideia Slot C
09:00 am Thursday, 5 June 2014

Sexual Assault Dynamics at Reed. GCC Room D, 9:00 Thursday

What we know about sexual assault at Reed College and how we know it. General awareness of sexual assault on college campuses has increased since the 1980’s, with federal reporting requirements and college-specific legislation. A presentation on how Reed currently understands and approaches issues of sexual assault, as presented by Director of Community Safety Gary Granger in Gray Campus Center (GCC) Room D at 9:00 am on Thursday, 5 June 2014.

Reunions Paideia Slot D
10:30 am Thursday, 5 June 2014

Writing to Heal. GCC Room C, 10:30 Thursday

Writing can be inherently therapeutic but there is also a fairly established body of technique for therapeutic writing. A quick introduction to three basic techniques with pointers toward others. Please bring paper and pencil. Presented by Rory Bowman ’90, Gray Campus Center (GCC) Room C. 10:30 am Thursday, 5 June 2014

Heaven On Earth Now: Simple Prosperity. GCC Room A, 10:30 Thursday

In 1930, John Maynard Keynes wrote a remarkable essay, titled “Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren”. He observed that upcoming generations would be the first in modern history to actually have available to them a life of true abundance and leisure; and he suggested that we start making some preparations for this massive upcoming change.It’s a bit hard to see this glorious future through the smoke of all the present turmoil and pain in the world, and in the economy as presently operating. Yet there is a fundamental truth here that, as Keynes noted, modern science, technology, and knowledge has gifted humanity with.In this work/play shop, we will examine the ideas that Keynes brought up; and look at political and spiritual elements that are interfering with the coming of age of this vision. We will then look at living simply, joining with-friends-and-neighbors as one immediately accessible solution. Finally we will explore directly a part of what heaven-on-earth might be like, through meditation, by joining our voices in sound (e.g. drumming and other percussive instruments), chanting, dance/movement, etc., as time and interests permit. Utopia-now is all around us, hidden in plain sight.Recommended reading: Keynes: “Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren”, in his book “Essays in Persuasion”. (Not necessary, but enlightening). It’s a short and easy read. Presented by Ron Warsher. Gray Campus Center (GCC) Room A. 10:30 am Thursday, 5 June 2014.

Fauxcheivement 101. GCC Room D, 10:30 Thursday

Fauxcheivement 101: The Trouble with K-12. In a short talk Don Berg presents the three primary symptoms of the trouble with K-12 (including an explanation of the symptom known as fauxchievement), the central problem indicated by those symptoms, the cure for that central problem, and examples of the few schools that have already solved it. With Don Berg in Gray Campus Center (GCC) Room D at 10:30 am on Thursday, 5 June 2014.

Reunions Paideia Slot E
1:30 pm Thursday, 5 June 2014

Death Cafe. GCC Room C, 1:30 Thursday

An opportunity to discuss death and dying in an open and honest way, as part of the global “death cafe” movement, pioneered in Portland by professional celebrant Holly Pruett ’85.  With Holly Pruett ’85 in Gray College Center (GCC) Room C at 1:30 pm on Thursday, 5 June 2014.

Reed’s Digital Collections. ETC 211, 1:30 Thursday

Come see the incredible digital collections now available online through the Reed Library; learn how to navigate, download, share, and print. From Reed’s history to artists’ books, from old maps to illuminated manuscripts, from the Cooley exhibits to Formosa, and from Indian Converts to the Jewish Atlantic World–come be astonished. Led by Angie Beiriger, Digital Assets Librarian. Educational Technology Center (ETC 211) 1:30 pm Thursday, 5 June 2014

Cartooning 001: An Introduction to Cartooning. GCC Room D, 1:30 Thursday

Ever looked at a cartoon in The New Yorker and thought, “I could do that.”  Well, you can’t–the people who draw those cartoons are trained professionals wearing Hazmat suits, with years of practice in drawing, necromancy, and pen-based martial arts behind them.  Plus, the cartoon industry is completely controlled by the New Jersey mafia.  I’m kidding.  Even if you’ve never drawn a cartoon in your life, you almost certainly can draw as well as the comic strip “Cathy” and are funnier than “Marmaduke.”

This is a basic introduction to cartoons and cartooning (including comics and comic strips).  No artistic ability or experience is needed.  We’ll examine some comics and cartoons and analyze them until they’re completely not funny; we’ll give some introductory drawing tips and instructions; we’ll discuss pacing and layout; we’ll look at technical aspects of drawing cartoons; and we’ll do all this while wrapped in chains inside a padlocked safe 35 feet below the surface of an acid-filled pool.

Please bring a pencil (mechanical pencils OK), an eraser, one or more felt-tip or drawing pens (not ballpoint … narrow tip preferred), and a sketchbook or several sheets of paper. With Mateo Burch in Gray College Center (GCC) D at 1:30 pm on Thursday, 5 June 2014.

Reunions Paideia Slot F
3:30 pm Thursday, 5 June 2014

Five Wishes End-of-Life Planning. GCC Room C, 3:30 Thursday

Five Wishes” is a basic multiple-choice form created to help people begin making end-of-life decisions. Originally created in Florida in 1996, it is now legally accepted in over forty states and serves as an excellent introduction to health-care planning. With Rory Bowman ’90 in Gray College Center Room C at 3:30 pm on Thursday, 5 June 2014.

Reunions Paideia Slot G
9:00 am Friday, 6 June 2014

Introduction to WordPress. ETC Room 211, 9:00 am Friday

Curious about WordPress? Wondering what the fuss is about? Then this is the workshop for you. We will be covering the basics of both the free hosted options at WordPress.com and the much more flexible self-hosted option through WordPress.org. The session will start with covering the differences between the two options, then move on to a tour of the dashboard and end with a quick guide for getting your WordPress site up and running. Taught by Eva Schweber ’93 in Educational Technology Center (ETC) room 211 at 9:00 am on Friday, 6 June 2014.

Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) Dynamics at Reed. GCC Room D, 9:00 am Friday.

Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) Dynamics at Reed. Reed College has a certain reputation but also has clear policies on alcohol and other drugs (AOD) with greatly-expanded resources available. A presentation by Director of Community Safety Gary Granger, on current college AOD dynamics and how Reed currently sees and addresses the issue. With Gary Granger in Gray Campus Center (GCC) Room D at 9:00 am Friday on 6 June 2014.

Motivation Hacks. GCC Room B, 9:00 Friday

Motivation Hacks: The Science of Human Nature with Don Berg. With amazing consistency the empirical evidence shows that the hidden curriculum of our K-12 school system (and other organizations) contradicts human nature; systemic motivational problems are the result. Evidence also supports the idea that teachers should do (and be supported to do) exactly what they already want to do: nurture the children (and managers should nurture their people, too). You bring a challenge, I’ll briefly present the science of motivation (a.k.a. human nature), then we’ll work out how the science applies to your situation. For immediate practical use we will discuss specific behaviors that are scientifically proven to improve motivation. Gray Campus Center (GCC) Room B. 9:00 am Friday, 6 June 2014.

Reunions Paideia Slot H
10:30 am Friday, 6 June 2014

WordPress Next Steps. ETC 211, 10:30 Friday

Know just enough about WordPress to get yourself into trouble? Curious about Plugins and customizing your theme? Wish you had more widgets? Just have some general questions about WordPress? If so, come to this intermediate level WordPress session. Taught by Eva Schweber ’93 in Educational Technology Center (ETC) room 211 at 10:300 am on Friday, 6 June 2014.

Lost And Found: Writing What You Didn’t Know You Remembered. GCC Room C, 10:30 Friday.

Coming back to campus after however many years, your memories are stirred. Some memories may be vivid, but what has happened to the rest? Though brain researchers now know memories aren’t stored intact but get “rewritten” each time we remember them, memoirists probably knew this all along. How do we write what we can’t quite remember (or aren’t even sure we want to remember)? Longtime teacher of creative writing, Monica Wesolowska ’89, is the author of the memoir Holding Silvan: A Brief Life which was named a “Best Book” of 2013 by both The Boston Globe and Library Journal. In this class, Monica will give examples and prompts to coax out your shyest memories. Bring pen and paper. With Monica Wesolowska ’89 in Gray Campus Center (GCC) Room B at 10:30 am on Friday, 6 June 2014.

Basic Wills. GCC Room B, 10:30 Friday.

What is a will and why do you need one? Basic basic basics on what a will is and why you should have one. A lay introduction to creating and/or executing a will, with basic, sample will to aid you. Don’t get caught dead without one. With Rory Bowman ’90 in Gray College Center (GCC) Room C at 10:30 am on Friday, 6 June 2014.

Performing Arts Resource Center. PAB @ 10:30 Friday

Come see the Performing Arts Resource Center (PARC) inside the Performing Arts Building to discover how it’s set up and what you can do there as an alumna/us. Meet PARC staff and learn more about PARC holdings, access, technology and student usage. With Erin Conor, Performing Arts Librarian, in the Performing Arts Building PARC at 10:30 am on Friday, 6 June 2014.

Food Panel: Land And Sea. PAB 320, 10:30 Friday.

Back to the land and see with Reedie farmers & harvesters discuss their entry into farming and issues of sustainability and locality. Participants include Jon Osborn ‘69 (local farmer), Mark Powell ’70 (World Wildlife Fund International) and Jon Rowley ‘69 (Taylor Shellfish Farms), as moderated by a representative from Bon Apetit, to be announced. In Performing Arts Building (PAB) 320 at 10:30 am on Friday 6 June 2014.

Reunions Paideia Slot I
1:30 pm Friday, 6 June 2014

Beelining Workshop. GCC Room A, 1:30 Friday

Interested in bees, but don’t want to invest the time in beekeeping? Try beelining — its the next best thing. Beelining is the practice of capturing foraging bees, releasing them and following them back to their hive. In the days before the commercial for-sale bees this practice was used to find wild hives in order to capture and cultivate them. In this workshop we’ll go over the procedure of beelining, construct a simple and usable beelining box, and put it to the test in the field. Great for kids and adults alike. Taught by Washington state Master Beekeepers chair Bob Combs ’90, beginning in Gray College Center room A at 1:30 pm Friday, 8 June 2014, before heading outdoors.

Graphical Analysis of Free Love at Reed: 1960-1964. GCC Room D, 1:30 Friday

A small place such as Reed is always somewhat incestuous.  In the 1960s, a number of people noted who was doing what with whom.  These long-archived data have been dusted off, anonymized, and subjected to modern network analysis.  JD Eveland ’64 will present some interesting findings that the analyses revealed in Gray Center room D at 1:30 pm on Friday, 8 Jun3 2014.

Food Panel: Writers. PAB 320 1:30 Friday.

Reedies on Food. It’s often said that those food lovers who can’t cook, write. Yet often they do both. Panelists include Sam Fromartz (food writer and blogger), Michelle Nijhuis (environmental writer), and Molly Watson (food writer), as moderated by Roger Porter, professor of English & humanities. In Performing Arts Building (PAB) 320 at 1:30 pm Friday, 6 June 2014.

Discovering Sustainability in a Chinese Fish Farm. PAB 320, 3:00 Friday.

Mark Powell’s journey of discovery began with western sustainability standards that were a poor fit to traditional Chinese fish farms growing fish, mulberry, and silk in connected cycles. Growing carp on small farms in China is the largest and perhaps most sustainable fish industry in the world and a lesson for the west. Mark has been a conservationist for 20 years working for Ocean Conservancy and WWF International. With Mark Powell ’79 in Performing Arts Building (PAB) 320 at 3:00 Friday, 6 June 2014.

Reunions Paideia Slot J
9:00 am Saturday, 7 June 2014

Canyon Slide Show. GCC Room D, 9:00 Saturday

Reed’s lake and canyon have changed greatly over the past century. Canyon Restoration Manager Zac Perry presents a short slide-show on how our 30 acre-woods have changed over the years. Zac will include slides to help illustrate the philosophies and strategies that have transformed Reed Canyon into the flag-ship restoration project of Portland.  Brief slideshow with some Q&A before a walking tour at 10:30 am. With Zac Perry in Gray Campus Center (GCC) Room D at 9:00 am on Saturday, 7 June 2014.

In Search of the Perfect Loaf. Psych 105, 9:00 Saturday

If you are into bread, this talk is for you. Due out in the fall, Fromartz will deliver a talk in advance of his new book that will rise to the occasion. Sam trekked from California to Berlin to Southern France and places in between in this quest. See if Sam succeeded. When he is not baking bread, Sam is the editor-in-chief of the non-profit Food & Environment Reporting Network. With Sam Fromartz ’90 in Psychology 105 at 9:00 am on Saturday, 8 June 2014.

Reunions Padeia Slot K
10:30 am Saturday, 7 June 2014

Canyon Tour. Cerf Amphitheater, 10:30 Saturday

Canyon Restoration Manager, Zac Perry leads an easy walking tour of Reed’s own protected wildlife refuge. In 1999 the removal of the outdoor swimming pool made way for the installation of a fish ladder which began the ongoing restoration of Reed Canyon.  Tour the last free-flowing stream in the City of Portland- with open flow all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Enjoy the sights and sounds and gain inside perspective on techniques used to transform your 30 acre-woods, which now provides refuge for threatened and endangered species.  Learn about the successes against invasive plant species without the use of chemicals. (Please wear outdoor shoes.) With Zac Perry, beginning in Cerf Amphitheater at 10:30 am on Saturday, 7 June 2014.

Food Panel: Restaurants. GCC BCD, 10:30 Saturday

Feeding a passion: Hear from Reed alumni who have opened restaurants, contributed to the Portland food scene, and brought their liberal arts and scientific skills to culinary businesses. Featuring Kurt Huffman ‘93 (founder and director of ChefStable) and Karen Leibowitz ‘99 (owner of Mission Chinese restaurant and food writer). Moderated by Sam Fromartz ‘82, food writer and blogger in Gray College Center (GCC) rooms BCD at 10:30 am on Saturday, 7 June 2014.

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