Report of the Fall 2013 Ad Hoc Committee on Paideia

cropped-reedhisttxt-white-flags-on-the-great-lawn-2007.jpgAfter last spring’s “Paideiagate,” president John Kroger asked that an “Ad Hoc Committee on Paideia” be formed and report back to the faculty this fall.  Drawn from  current faculty, students and staff , they have issued their report, currently available from faculty co-chair Darrell Schroeter.

Student members included student body president Ari Galper, Lillian Karabaic, Renee Mekuria, and 2011 Paideia coordinator Noah Muldavin. Faculty members included co-chair Darrell Schroeter, Tamara Metz, and incoming dean of faculty Nigel Nicholson. Staff were represented by Bruce Smith with alumnus Steven Seal added at the request of the alumni association. Members were chosen generally based on interest but only moderate familiarity with the interim and began by surveying community members to prepare their recommendations, which were as follows.

  • To institute a Paideia “oversight committee,” consisting of three students, one faculty member and two staff, one of which shall be the Director of Student Activities.
  • To appoint this committee within the first three weeks of fall semester, solicit classes before fall break, then vet classes and publish a schedule by the end of fall semester.
  • Avoid classes with “inflammatory or exclusionary titles.”
  • Collect data on attendance and events for a class during the first half of spring semester, so that a report can be produced.

Those familiar with Paideia will recognize much of this as a diminished resurrection of the “Paideia committee” system common well into the 1980′s, albeit with less a sense of mission or of the interim’s place within Reed’s academic program.

Reed community members who would like a copy of the full report are encouraged to contact faculty co-chair Darrell Schroeter.

About Rory Bowman '90

Rory Bowman, Reed alumnus in philosophy, 1990.
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1 Response to Report of the Fall 2013 Ad Hoc Committee on Paideia

  1. Hello Darrell! I don’t know if you remember my brief sojourn through your physics classroom, I remember an epiphany about the reality of work provoked by a first semester final question about a hot air balloon.

    I hear that I can get a full copy of the Paideia report from you. I am most interested in this report, the tension between student autonomy and official liability only one facet of a jewel.

    Thank you and please let me know if you need additional bona fides.

    Alex Gagne-Hawes ’07

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