First Paideia 2014 Team Meeting

Hello. I’m Marilyn Carlin, the projected signator for Paideia 2014. I just want to post a short update about the meeting held today regarding plans for Paideia 2014. I think we covered a lot of ground and I’m very excited to begin work on expanding and improving Paideia. Here are the topics we discussed:
  • the need to improve communications with President Kroger and the Student Activities Office
  • establishing a new Paideia schedule by
    1. gathering suggestions from the community for classes/activities they have enjoyed in the past or would like to see in the future by Fall Break
    2. putting out a preliminary schedule by Thanksgiving break
    3. putting out the final Paideia schedule in the last Quest of the semester
  • making a list of rooms to use for Paideia and sticking to that list to streamline the process of allocating spaces to class leaders
  • using social media (Tumblr) as a forum to boost excitement
    1. holding a contest to determine both a theme and logo for Paideia 2014
    2. using that logo on t-shirts
  • soliciting feedback from past instructors both on what classes they would like to teach as well as what we can do to improve the experience
  • making Class Request forms available in four locations across campus (Commons, Mail Room, Library lobby, Paradox)
  • matching potential class/activity leaders with a list of suggested classes/activities gathered from the community to relieve the pressure of having to come up with entirely original content/ideas
  • creating an online forum so that students can sign up to attend in-demand classes or classes with a 21+ component (like the Fermentation class from Paideia 2013)
  • utilizing Fall and Spring breaks for teaser courses/follow up respectively
    1. allowing people to “advertise” their courses during Fall break and provide feedback during Spring break
  • getting S.E.E.D.S. involved and using Paideia as a time for community outreach
  • using Paideia as a time to connect alumni with current students for internships
If you have anything to add, or any questions about the above, please feel free to chime in, either in the comments section below or via email. I can be reached at I’m really excited for Paideia 2014, and I think that the meeting today left us with a number of awesome ideas about how to improve Paideia for the future.
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