Spring “Paideiagate” 2013


It seems that Paideia may have been selected as Reed’s “spring crisis” for 2013 as sophomore president John Kroger moves to “censor” various Paideia classes and the issue comes to the attention of The Quest, Willamette Week, and various alumni, including many at Working Weekend, on the alumni board and on the board of trustees.

Please post links to discussions of this in the comments section below, so that folks can be aware, keep abreast and follow along at home.

About Rory Bowman '90

Rory Bowman, Reed alumnus in philosophy, 1990.
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7 Responses to Spring “Paideiagate” 2013

  1. R says:

    The initial Quest articles and first several Quest articles following


    Bear Wilner-Nugent challenges

    31 Jan 13: Bear Wilner-Nugent challenges Kroger to a debate on Facebook” “I am publicly challenging John Kroger to a debate on Reed and United States drug policy in Vollum Lecture Hall in front of the Reed College student body, if they will have me. Any students want to help make this happen? John, do you accept?”

    Willamette Week Article


    Various Facebook discussions in “Reed” group and elsewhere


    February 7 Quest Articles


  2. R says:

    Student Senate letter to Kroger online at http://www.reedquest.org/2013/02/senates-letter-to-president-kroger/

    Quest “live tweets” re Kroger’s 8 February appearance in the SU at https://twitter.com/reedquest

    MP3 audio file (88 minutes) of event at http://dl.dropbox.com/u/52422693/community%20forum%20audio.mp3

    Initial post from Quest re event online at http://www.reedquest.org/2013/02/kroger-reedies-discuss-paideia-censorship-at-community-forum/

  3. R says:

    Wisdom of not simply holding Paideia classes against Kroger’s preferences questioned by student at http://www.reedquest.org/2013/02/letter-re-fridays-senate-meeting/

    Another alumna discontinues giving to Reed, and is supported by graduates in the comments at http://www.reedquest.org/2013/02/letter-no-further-donations-to-the-annual-fund-due-to-paideia-overreach/

    Bear Wilner-Nugent ’95 challenges Kroger to a public debate on Reed’s AOD policy and how it does or does not relate to US drug policy at http://www.reedquest.org/2013/02/bear-wilner-nugent-95-challenges-kroger-to-debate-over-paideia-controversy/

    Copies of the 2009 “memorandum of understanding” between PPB and Reed (wherein Community Safety takes a very clear position in unpaid support of felony prosecution) are posted on private Reed Facebook group and renewal of that MOU in 2012 is noted, as posted at http://www.reed.edu/student_services/pdfs/PartnershipAgreement%20PPB%2008212012.pdf

    Prominently active and officially-honored alumnus Jim Kahan ’64 issues an analysis of “Paideiagate” with recommendations for Kroger going forward at https://reedpaideia.wordpress.com/2013/02/20/alumnus-jim-kahan-64-paideiagate-analysis/

  4. R says:

    As per the Reed College Student Senate Blog and noted at http://www.reedquest.org/2013/03/senate-blog-paideia-strategic-planning-and-triggering-events/

    “This Tuesday [12 March 2013], the ad hoc committee on Paideia will convene for the first time with the purpose of amassing concrete suggestions as to what Paideia might look like in the future, especially with regard to the levels of involvement of faculty, administration, and students.”

  5. R says:

    Ad-hoc committee on Paideia begins to meet every other week as per http://www.reedquest.org/2013/03/committee-on-paideias-future-begins-discussion/

    That would be Tuesday 12 March, 26 March, 9 April, 23 April, 7 May 2013.

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