Paideia 2013 Page Visible via IRIS


The page for Paideia 2013 is now up at and visible from off-campus to alumni and other using their standard “IRIS” login credentials.

Hi Reed!

On this handy dandy website you will find your Paideia schedule, the descriptions of classes organized chronologically, and the descriptions organized by interest group in an effort to help you sort through the bazillion pages of descriptions. Also, I have created a table that you can fill out with your personal class schedule. Also, check out the google calendar version! Fancy!

Paideia Nerd Central Command Unit HeadQuarters will be Vollum Lounge for the duration of Paideia. There, you will find large and aesthetically attractive versions of the schedule imposingly tacked to the walls. You will also find printed versions of class descriptions. So, if you find yourself without access to the searchable internet version, you can look to those for guidance. I or other knowledgeable parties might also be around.

PNCCUHQ (Pronounced Pancake) will open at around 5 pm on Friday the 19th, starting off with a short class on Weird Facts about Mushrooms taught by yours truly. There will be food.

Email me with questions! Thanks for contributing/participating. Long Live Paideia.

Love, Julia Selker

PS Please call Vollum Lounge “Pancake” forever. Renaming this room was one of my major goals during my sojourn as Czar.

This protected page includes a Google calendar of events near the bottom. Along the left-hand navigation area of that page are links to PDF files of the entire schedule, class descriptions and a list of classes by type, for folks who prefer that.

About Rory Bowman '90

Rory Bowman, Reed alumnus in philosophy, 1990.
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1 Response to Paideia 2013 Page Visible via IRIS

  1. EcOpto-master says:

    Will there be maple syrup supplied in the pancake? Does this translate to Crepe in French? When you say you want the name to “stick,” might the syrup help?

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