From Reed College Archives Box 41:3


From the folder “General Paideia 1983”

Old dot-matrix document marked “old”

Article XVI Independent Activities Board

A. The I.A.P. Board is responsible for the planning and organization fo the independent activities period.

B. The Board shall consist of the Vice-President Provost, ex-officio; two faculty members appointed by the President of the College (one a Senator, who will also be a member of the Orientation Board); and four students (one a Representative). The non-Senate faculty members should when possible be appointed for a year term beginning in January.

1. The Student Board members shall be appointed by the President of the Student Body, at the beginning of Spring semester, with the advice and consent of the Student Caucus.

2. Normally, one student Board member should be appointed each year for a two-year term.

C. The Board shall elect its Chair and secretary from student Board members.

Old dot-matrix document marked “proposed”

Article XVI. The Independent Activities Period Board shall plan and administer the independent activities period (Paideia). The board shall consist of four Students, two Professors, and the Vice-President Provost. If possible, one student shall be appointed to a two-year term each fall. The president and secretary of the board shall be chosen from among the student members of the board. The faculty Senator shall also be a member of the Orientation Director Committee.

Photocopy of typed or laser-printed document, undated and unmarked, but paper-clipped to the above two items.

I. The Independent Activities Board shall be appointed before the end of the ninth week of the fall semester. The Board shall consist of three students appointed by the student causus [sic]; one of whom shall be a caucus member; the Student Activities Coordinator; the Vice President of Student Services; and a faculty member of the community senate, appointed by the Provost. The Board shall select a chair and a secretary from its membership; the chair shall be a student.

II. The Indpendent Activities Board shall select a Director for the Independent Activities Period. The Board shall solicit applications for the position of Director, 1) in the student newsppaer 2) in a notice distributed to all student mailboxes.

Solicitation of applications will be completed by the end of the first week of classes of the spring semester. Applications will be due at the end of the second week of classes. The board shall accept all applications. The Director shall be selected before the end of the third week of classes.

The Director is responsible for the planning and operation of the Independent Activities Period of the following year including selection ad administration of a working committee. The Director’s salary shall be $2,000 for the year; one half paid by the administration and one half paid from student body funds.

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Rory Bowman, Reed alumnus in philosophy, 1990.
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