Prepare to Plan Paideia 2013

Do you love Paideia? Do you want to see more? Do you have a vision of what you would like to see or what is possible with the physical and intellectual resources of Reed behind you? Then please come to an organizational meeting at 4pm Wednesday, May 2nd. Meet near the fireplace in Commons at 4pm Wednesday of reading week to begin planning Paideia 2013.

In year’s past there was a “Paideia committee” with representatives from each class, Student Activities and the faculty. For professional reasons, faculty often do not have the time for participation in Paideia, but there are many alumni locally and across the country who are willing to step into the gap and support students in re-invigorating and reinventing a richer, fuller, more dynamic Paideia for our time.

If you are interested in helping to plan Paideia 2013, either as signator, czar, an instructor or just a member of newly-formed Paideia Committee, please join us near the Commons fireplace at 4pm, Wednesday, May 2nd. More information and online options available at

Residence halls open at noon on Sunday, 13 January, with the first day of classes on Monday, 28 January 2013.

About Rory Bowman '90

Rory Bowman, Reed alumnus in philosophy, 1990.
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1 Response to Prepare to Plan Paideia 2013

  1. R says:

    Thanks to the six current students who showed up (in the middle of reading week no less) to make this meeting a success. Lots of great ideas and energy around making 2013 better, including inviting academics from off-campus, looking at MIT’s interim, putting together a more solid budget for Senate and/or the funding poll, etcetera. Others who are interested in being part of the online discussion, please sign up for the Google Group using your “” address.

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