Planning re Paideia Revival

Current students are invited to join a Google Group on the future of Paideia.

Rory Bowman ’90 has committed to exploring a more structured revival of Reed Paideia, to help encourage preservation and continuance of Reed student culture, for a possible debut of a revived Paideia interim in January 2013. Such revival depends first on current students and secondarily on alumni, with tertiary support from faculty and staff. Without student and alumni support, no significant change is possible.

A: Assess Current Student Interest (Early Spring)

  1. Outreach and call for interested students
  2. Collect contact information
  3. Encourage sign-up with Google Group
  4. Assess desire for physical meeting(s) by spring break
  5. Initial discussions, brainstorming and planning

B: Assess Official Portland Alumni Support (Spring)

  1. Outreach to Portland Alumni Steering Committee
  2. Outreach to Alumni office

C: Current Students Decide on Next Steps (Late Spring)

  1. Faculty support desired
  2. Student Services support desired
  3. Alumni support desired
  4. Staff support desired
  5. Level of public involvement

D: Alumni Outreach based on Student Desire (Summer)

  1. Solidify support of Portland Alumni Steering Committee
  2. Outreach to other local and interested alumni
  3. Coordination re May 2012 reunions with Rory Bowman ’90
  4. Alumni outreach at Reed reunions and nationally

E: Structural Plan based on General Interest

  • Vision: scope and reach of anticipated revival
  • Talent: crucial personnel, perhaps revived “Paideia committee”
  • Systems: communications and tracking
  • Funding: likely budget, including sources and uses, cash flow
  • Schedule: development timeline and anticipated Paideia schedule

About Rory Bowman '90

Rory Bowman, Reed alumnus in philosophy, 1990.
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