January Paideia, 14-22 January 2017

Reed College Paideia runs for nine days this year, from Saturday 14 January through 22 January.

Most of the schedule at https://www.reed.edu/paideia requires an IRIS login to view.

Reed College Paideia 2017 Events

The three publicly viewable vents are three lectures by Dr Demento at 8pm in Vollum Lecture Hall, Monday through Wednesday

Reed College Paideia 2017 Committee

Questions and comments can be forwarded to the 2017 Paideia Committee members (paideiacommittee@groups.reed.edu)

  • Hadley McCammon ’19, Czar 2k17 | mccammoh@reed.edu
  • Isabel Sullivan ’19, Czar 2k17 | isasulliv@reed.edu
  • Daniel Hong ’17, Czar 2k16 | hongd@reed.edu
  • Kristin Holmberg, Director of Student Activities | holmberk@reed.edu
  • Brittney Corrigan-McElroy ’94, Event Manager, Faculty and Academic Special Events | brittneycm@reed.edu
  • Chris Lydgate ’90, Editor of Reed Magazine | clydgate@reed.edu
  • Irena Swanson ’87, Professor of Mathematics | iswanson@reed.edu
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Paideia 2016 Schedule, 16-25 January

The schedule for January Paideia 2016 is now up and live at http://www.reed.edu/paideia. As has been the custom for the past several years, student organizers have chosen to place it behind Reed walls and only accessible to those with an IRIS login.

The public is not invited.

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Reunions Paideia Roll-In for 2015

With fewer proposals submitted by the March 30 target date, taxed volunteers and a very full Reunions 2015 schedule, the reunions committee has decided not to run Reunions Paideia as a separate program this year but instead roll it in to the main reunions schedule at http://reunions.reed.edu/schedule.html

If you would like to offer a session or activity at reunions, please email reunions coordinator Mela Kunitz ’87 directly.

If you are interested in being part of a future Reunions Paideia committee or serving as alumni support for January Padeia, please email Rory Bowman ’90 to let him know.


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Help Plan Reunions Paideia 2015

Renn Fayre 2011 by Meli-Lewis from Flickr

Photo by Meli-Lewis (Flickr) used by Creative Common License, (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Reed College reunions shall take place at Reed College in Portland this coming June 10-14, 2015, including a third iteration of “reunions paideia.” Reunions Paideia is an opportunity for alumni and other friends of the college to supplement other activities such as alumni college, with short and interesting sessions on topics of interest. The tentative timeline for folks to make suggestions, requests and proposals is as follows. Continue reading

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January 2015 Paideia Schedule Now Up


January Paideia 2015, 17–25 January

The official schedule for January 2015 Paideia is up, covering nine days and requiring an IRIS login via http://www.reed.edu/paideia/


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Alumni “Beyond Reed” Series at Paideia

The alumni office has put together a nice mix of workshops and industry talks for this coming January Paideia, with details available on their web page well in advance of the other schedule. Offerings are generally divided into hands-on “workshops” and “industry talks” which focus on a particular sector, with input from a variety of alumni.

Listed alphabetically sessions include

  • Industry Talk: Accounting & Finance
  • Industry Talk: Consulting
  • Industry Talk: Creative Industries: Writing, Design, Entertainment
  • Industry Talk: Development, Marketing, & Fundraising
  • Industry Talk: Education
  • Industry Talk: Nonprofits & Public Policy
  • Industry Talk: Small Business Enterpreneurship: Arts, Crafts, and Design
  • Industry Talk: Small Business Entrepreneurship: Food & Drink
  • Industry Talk: Tech: Non-Technical Jobs in the Tech Industry
  • Industry Talk: Tech: Software Engineering
  • Workshop: Career Builder Series #1: How to Discover Your Competitive Advantage
  • Workshop: Career Builder Series #2: How to Present Aptitude and Ambitions – Networking and Interviews
  • Workshop: Career Builder Series #3: How to Target Career Opportunities – Searches, Resumes, and Applications
  • Workshop: Google @ Work
  • Workshop: In the Beginning was the (Microsoft) Word
  • Workshop: Practical Excel Skills for the Generalist
  • Workshop: Understand the Man (or, Decision Making at the Start of Your Career)

For details such as descriptions, dates and times, please visit http://www.reed.edu/alumni/BRPaideia/index.html 

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January 2015 Paideia Applications Out

Hello alumni!

You may, or may not have heard the whisperings of Paideia 2015 starting up soon. This years czars are Hazel Flores, Shiloh Guten-Gale, and Swede Pearson. We managed to reach some alumni through the Reed Facebook page or Switchboard, but we hope this email reaches more of you!

We would like to welcome alumni back to participate in Paideia, since it is most successful and meaningful for the community when there are past and present Reedies together learning. Thus, we are attaching the PDF application here for those of you interested in teaching classes.

You may fill the form out for each class you would like to teach and send it back to us at our email paideia2k15@reed.edu or the email provided on the application.

Applications are due by the 11th, and you will hear back from us around Thanksgiving. We hope to hear from you soon!


PDF of Instructor Application for January 2015 Paideia, requested by return email by November 11th.

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