Help Plan Reunions Paideia 2014

Renn Fayre 2011 by Meli-Lewis from Flickr

Photo by Meli-Lewis (Flickr) used by Creative Common License, (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Reedfayre reunions shall take place at Reed College in Portland this coming June 4-8, 2014, including another “reunions paideia.” Reunions Paideia is an opportunity for alumni and other friends of the college to supplement other activities such as alumni college, with short and interesting sessions on topics of interest. The tentative timeline for folks to make suggestions, requests and proposals is as follows. Continue reading

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Strategic Planning Preliminary Reports Out

Photo of WTF cow pasture.

President Kroger initiated a strategic planning process at Reed, which began in 2013. As part of that process, several different groups were identified, including “Group E” to address “January and  Summer Term.”

Preliminary reports from all groups are available via (may require IRIS login) and feedback is encouraged.

More information on the composition of strategic-planning working groups is available at

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Paideia 2014 Posted at Commons

Paideia 2014 Posted at Commons

The Paideia 2014 schedule as posted Saturday morning, listing over 250 different sessions scheduled within nine days. If you have an IRIS login, you can view the entire thing at or click through to see the “live tweet feed” at

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January 2014 Paideia Scheduling

Email notifications about proposed Paideia activities were sent to current students just before Thanksgiving and to alumni this evening.  Community Safety and various other offices apparently need to review classes before a preliminary schedule is released, but this should hopefully be out by the end of December.

UPDATE: This year’s Paideia is closed to the general public, with most of the schedule available only via IRIS login through

Several alumni apparently did not receive any response to their submissions, and it is unclear if currently unscheduled events shall be allowed under the new system.

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Apply to Teach a Paideia Class!

The season for Paideia class applications is upon us! You can download the application at It’s due Nov. 1st, so fill it out swiftly and email it to

When I was at Reed, Paideia was the time when I had the most valuable interactions with Alumni. Renn Fayre was a land when I hovered in my own space, my own experiences, ignoring the strangers among us. Yet during Paideia alumni came back to teach, to give, to remember. Old traditions were accessible. Alumni were invigorated with the energy of Somewhere Else, and they brought it down on the college for a thrilling week. I think that Paideia relies on Alumni to teach classes for three key reasons: because they bring special skills from beyond college, because they pass on knowledge of Reed past, and because without them the Paideia catalogue would thin considerably. The brief mingling of students, faculty, and alumni sharing knowledge is magical.

While a student, I taught nothing. I was too “busy”, academically drained, and largely too self-doubtful. As an Alumna, I finally had a chance to make up for the Paideia classes I never taught, and a rare opportunity to engage with College in a way where I’m a contributor and not a consumer.

I encourage you to consider giving back by teaching a class at Paideia!

Please forward the class application info to any Reedies who you think might be interested, or post it to Facebook or Twitter. Consider teaching a class with someone else for double the fun, and remember that non-Reedie friends are welcome to help out with your classes, too.

See you soon!
- Kara Sowles ’10

Paideia this year is Jan. 18 – 26th, 2014
Here is the application to teach a class, which you can download:
You can email the application to
Class applications are due by Nov. 1st

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Paideia 2014 (Re)Discovery 18-26 January

This year’s Paideia coordinators have announced a theme for this year’s Paideia, which shall run a short program from January 18-26, 2014:

It is with great pleasure that we announce the opening of the 2k14 Paideia season (January 18 through January 26, 2014). Paideia is Reed’s inter-semester, student-run foray into experimental education. During Paideia, members of the Reed community share their knowledge, interests and expertise, giving classes and workshops that are open to everyone.

This year’s theme is: (re)discovery.

Go crazy with it.

We highly encourage joint applications; especially between faculty and students. Applications are due by 5PM on Friday, November 1st and can be found at

We would encourage all the young aspiring artists and craftspeople to put themselves out to the community as well. If you have an idea for an event/display/installation/etc. that wouldn’t otherwise fit into a class, contact the Czars with your proposal.

Lots of love,
Your 2k14 Paideia Czars: Blake Rosenthal and Mark Angeles

The above link will not for most users but off-campus folk are encouraged  to email the current coordinators as, catch their Paideia Facebook page or folllow them at

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Report of the Fall 2013 Ad Hoc Committee on Paideia

After last spring’s “Paideiagate,” president John Kroger asked that an “Ad Hoc Committee on Paideia” be formed and report back to the faculty this fall.  Drawn from  current faculty, students and staff , they have issued their report, currently available from faculty co-chair Darrell Schroeter.

Student members included student body president Ari Galper, Lillian Karabaic, Renee Mekuria, and 2011 Paideia coordinator Noah Muldavin. Faculty members included co-chair Darrell Schroeter, Tamara Metz, and incoming dean of faculty Nigel Nicholson. Staff were represented by Bruce Smith with alumnus Steven Seal added at the request of the alumni association. Members were chosen generally based on interest but only moderate familiarity with the interim and began by surveying community members to prepare their recommendations, which were as follows.

  • To institute a Paideia “oversight committee,” consisting of three students, one faculty member and two staff, one of which shall be the Director of Student Activities.
  • To appoint this committee within the first three weeks of fall semester, solicit classes before fall break, then vet classes and publish a schedule by the end of fall semester.
  • Avoid classes with “inflammatory or exclusionary titles.”
  • Collect data on attendance and events for a class during the first half of spring semester, so that a report can be produced.

Those familiar with Paideia will recognize much of this as a diminished resurrection of the “Paideia committee” system common well into the 1980′s, albeit with less a sense of mission or of the interim’s place within Reed’s academic program.

Reed community members who would like a copy of the full report are encouraged to contact faculty co-chair Darrell Schroeter.

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